Ammonia as a marine fuel is getting attention

Research has been published by Niels d Vries of C-Job Navel Architects about the “Safe and effective application of ammonia as a marine fuel”. Their press release dated June 11 states, “Ammonia can be safely and effectively applied as a marine fuel to reduce harmful emissions in the maritime industry” and Niels de Vries says: “Reviewing all ammonia power generation options, the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) is clearly the most efficient. However, it does have practical challenges as the power density and load response capability are not on an acceptable level yet. Therefore, in the short term applying the internal combustion engine is the way to go.” To read the full research paper, go to


Last week, Trevor Brown of the Ammonia Energy Association posted, “In May, the Environmental Defense Fund published Sailing on Solar, a significant new report that assesses the potential for green ammonia to be used as a maritime fuel, reducing the global shipping industry’s carbon emissions.”

We are an ARPA-E grant recipient

Starfire Energy is thrilled to announce we have received additional funding from the DOE ARPA-E program. Our thanks goes to all of those involved in the APRA-E program with special gratitude to our Program Manger, Grigorii Soloveichik.

Hello Tomorrow Top 500 Deeptech Startup

More than 4500 submissions from 119 countries were reviewed for this competition. In 2018 Starfire Energy was selected as a Top 500 Deep Tech company in this challenge.

Our catalyst synthesis rate map

We have developed a proprietary catalyst that supports very high NH3 synthesis rates at high space velocities and temperatures. It strongly outperforms industry-standard catalysts under these conditions. With it, NH3 synthesis can be ramped extremely quickly by changing reactant flow and less quickly by changing temperature. It is one of the core technologies that enables our Rapid Ramp NH3 approach. We have patents pending for its composition, synthesis, and use.

Rapid Ramp NH3 is Nimble

Our Rapid Ramp NH3 process is flexible and able to directly follow the variable power of renewable energy. Ramps in hours, not days. Can produce NH3 at very low pressures with variable temperatures and flow rates.

Lower temperature cracking with our proprietary catalyst

Our catalyst is not only great for making NH3 but also great for decomposing NH3 into Nitrogen and Hydrogen. It does this at lower temperatures allowing the use of more standard metals for the cracking retort.

Starfire Energy awarded SBIR-STTR Grant

Starfire Energy is honored to announce we are the recipients of an SBIR grant. Thank you to all who contributed to the review and evaluation process.

Starfire Energy Awarded State Grant

The entire team at Starfire Energy wishes to thank those involved with the Colorado OEDIT program for their time and foresight. We are honored to be one of 27 Colorado award winners of their 2019 grant program.