Ammonia as a marine fuel is getting attention

Research has been published by Niels d Vries of C-Job Navel Architects about the “Safe and effective application of ammonia as a marine fuel”. Their press release dated June 11 states, “Ammonia can be safely and effectively applied as a marine fuel to reduce harmful emissions in the maritime industry” and Niels de Vries says: “Reviewing all ammonia power generation options, the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) is clearly the most efficient. However, it does have practical challenges as the power density and load response capability are not on an acceptable level yet. Therefore, in the short term applying the internal combustion engine is the way to go.” To read the full research paper, go to


Last week, Trevor Brown of the Ammonia Energy Association posted, “In May, the Environmental Defense Fund published Sailing on Solar, a significant new report that assesses the potential for green ammonia to be used as a maritime fuel, reducing the global shipping industry’s carbon emissions.”