Scalable Ammonia Technology
That Doesn’t Rely on Fossil Fuels

Developing Modular Systems to Produce Carbon-Free Ammonia

Vision Statement

Starfire’s Rapid Ramp technology will operate solely on renewable power setting the technology apart from other ammonia synthesis processes. Modules will be produced in a factory, reducing field labor and gaining economies of scale through mass production and repeatable deployments.

Pairing Prometheus Fire and Prometheus Hydrogen with Rapid Ramp creates a pathway for ammonia fuel use to speed the transition away from fossil fuels. Prometheus Fire works with existing turbine heat exhaust, while Prometheus Hydrogen supports hydrogen fuel cell applications.

Rapid Ramp NH3

Starfire Energy is commercializing modular green ammonia systems. Unlike traditional Haber-Bosch designs our RapidRamp process can accommodate being directly powered by intermittent energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro electricity.

Our process can scale back to a zero capacity factor and rapidly scale right back to 100% or anywhere in between. This allows for the synthesis of documentably 100% green ammonia.

The plants are built in modular shipping containers which are pre-wired and pre-plumbed for easy interconnection on site. These modules are produced in a mass production factory setting creating economies of scale along with predictable costs and plant commissioning times.

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Prometheus Fire

Starfire is addressing ammonia fuel use by developing a cracking system that converts ammonia into nitrogen and hydrogen. The cracked ammonia can be used in a wide range of equipment.

Prometheus Hydrogen

Prometheus Hydrogen is being developed to crack ammonia back to nitrogen and hydrogen for fuel cell applications.

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