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Rapid Ramp© Modular Ammonia Synthesis Plants

Predictable and Repeatable Costs and Schedules

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Rapid Ramp NH3

Starfire Energy is commercializing a 50 tonne/day modular green ammonia plant.  Unlike traditional Haber-Bosch designs our RapidRamp process can accommodate being directly powered by intermittent energy sources such as wind, solar and hydro.

Our process can scale back to a zero capacity factor and rapidly scale right back to 100% or anywhere in between.  This allows for the synthesis of documentably 100% green ammonia.

The plants are built in modular shipping containers which are pre-wired and pre-plumbed for easy interconnection on site.  These modules are produced in a mass production factory setting creating economies of scale along with predictable costs and plant commissioning times.

We are now accepting orders for our 100Kg/day systems for use by our strategic partners as R&D or POC units.

Provide low-risk, affordable carbon-free NH3 fuel.

Quickly deploy modules to match market demand.

Call us to talk to an engineer today 303.363.7848