Starfire Energy
Clean NH3 for
Energy Storage
and Fuel


Starfire Energy is dedicated to making sustainable energy a reality. The next step for widespread sustainable energy use is the development and deployment of a high energy density CO2-free fuel that can be made from wind and solar power. NH3 is that fuel. It can do everything that hydrogen does, but at a higher energy density and easier storage and transport conditions. We are developing a new process for making NH3 that can follow the variable power output from wind and solar power plants.

  • 2007

    Starfire Energy formed

    Starfire Energy formed in 2007 to focus on residential solar electric system installation.

  • 2008-2011

    Residential solar services expanded

    Soon after Starfire Energy started, we found that people needed help with existing solar water heating systems and maintenance of solar electric systems that other companies no longer supported. We expanded our service options to serve that need.

  • 2012-2015

    Solar R&D system installation

    In 2012, we started working with the Electric Power Research Institue, installing flat plate and concentrating photovoltaic systems for them at their SolarTAC research site. This gave us great experience comparing flat plate solar panel technologies and pre-commercial 2-axis tracking concentrating photovoltaic systems.

  • 2016-present

    NH3 fuel synthesis research

    In late 2015, we were notified that we would receive a $1.4M research grant from the Department of Energy ARPA-E program to develop a fast-ramping NH3 synthesis system to produce clean NH3 fuel from wind and solar power. We stopped taking on new solar work then so we could focus on the NH3 fuel work, which we began in early 2016.

  • Building our prototype NH3 reactor

Our Staff

We have a great staff with experience in lab research, thin film solar panel company startup, engineering, project management, and cost accounting.

Joe Beach

Joe Beach


  • Business strategy
  • Research strategy

Joe’s background includes laboratory research, co-founding a thin film PV startup, and solar photovoltaic and thermal system design/build/repair. He has a PhD in Applied Physics.

Jennifer Beach

Jennifer Beach

Vice President of Business Administration

  • Project management consulting
  • Business financial management

Jennifer is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a MS in Technology Management and decades of experience managing projects up to $25M and 200 participants.

Jon Kintner

Jon Kintner

Research Engineer

  • Apparatus design
  • Apparatus fabrication
  • Data acquisition

Jon has a MS in Engineering Systems. His background includes operating a wide range of scientific equipment, repairing many types of equipment, and working in a major semiconductor device fabrication company.

Adam Welch

Adam Welch

Research Engineer

  • Catalyst synthesis
  • Catalyst testing

Adam has a PhD in Materials Science. His background includes thin film deposition and characterization and photoelectrochemical hydrogen device materials testing.

We will soon be hiring two more engineers to work on our prototype clean NH3 synthesis system and converting internal combustion engines to run on clean NH3 fuel.